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How I paid off $200k debt while travelling in my 50's and how you can too!

Hosted by
Tegan Marshall

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October 11th
9:00 am AEDT


pay off over $200k debt

AND buy a 5 bed house in Italy (for cash)

AND put more $$ into my Retirement Fund than ever before

ALL while travelling full-time comfortably in my 50's


Here's what I'll cover:

What I did when I was down to my last twenty dollars

The two different tactics I used to go from having $20 and maxed out credit cards to making money online and paying off my debts (and which worked).

The travelling hacks I use to stay in exotic locations

There are lots of travel hacks I use and I'll share as many as I can with you so you can find some that work for you and your travel style

Exactly how much it costs me each year to travel the world

We are all conditioned to think you need to be a trust fund baby to be able to travel to exotic locations year round - it actually costs a lot less than you think.

The five steps to becoming a slow travelling global citizen

I've always wanted to travel permanently but not like an instagrammer. So I'll share with you the 5 steps I took to making this my full-time lifestyle.

How I reduced my living costs without sacrificing anything

Let me share with you the strategies I use to keep my living costs low without jepoardising the quality of my lifestyle and how you can do it too.

The three most important tips to know when paying off debt

Living life to the fullest when you have a big debt over your head can be challenging. I'll share how I did it and how you can too with my three important tips.


About Tegan Marshall

There's nothing special about me. I don't have any magical skills. I'm just an ordinary person who got herself into massive debt through some poor choices and wanted to live her dream freedom lifestyle now rather than waiting until retirement. This is how I did it.

Having worked hard all my life and loosing everything in one foul swoop I wanted to find an easier way to live where I worked less, stressed less and enjoyed life a whole lot more.

In the beginning I didn't think it was possible. After all I'm not twenty something any more. I didn't want to be back packing. Not at my age! I wanted to be comfortable.

After hitting rock bottom I'm pleased to say that last year I bought a dream house in Italy (for cash) and this year I put more $$ into my retirement fund than I've ever put in. I have a solid plan for continuing my financial growth. AND I did all of this while visiting 17 countries...slowly!

If this appeals to you then I look forward to sharing whatever I can with you and answering all of your questions. Remember, I'm not a financial advisor so always get professional advice about your finances that is tailored to your individual circumstances.

But if I can help you in some way to make your life easier, provide inspiration for you to get out of debt, and give you support to make travel your lifestyle (now rather than when you retire) then I'm here to do that.

Imagine a life of freedom from stress, overwhelm, long work hours, and the mundane. A life where you don't need a vacation to escape from your current reality because it's just so darn good every day!

And a lifestyle where you can save more money than you ever have before (without going without anything) and create a stable financial foundation for your retirement.

I look forward to seeing you on the webinar.

Live, Love and Travel,

Tegan xo

October 11th
9:00 am AEDT