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Hosted by
Tegan Marshall

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September 7th
9:00 am AEST

A live mini-workshop to create your step by step blueprint for escaping the current high living costs and living a lifestyle of travel in your 50's

while saving $$$ for your retirement.

Isn't it time you were living a lifestyle you don't need to escape from?

Here's what we'll cover:

Why now is the time you need to start living your retirement lifestyle

Choosing the right time to travel permanently is important when you are in your 50's and I'll take you through how to determine when is the best time to go.

How I paid off over 200k while slow travelling full-time

It's cheaper than living at home and because of this I've managed to pay off over 200k of debt + pay cash for a house in Italy. Let me show you how.

The practical steps you can take now to start making your dream life a reality

I'll share exactly what you can do now to start preparing your current life for a new kind of normal...a better normal than before!

How to determine if this lifestyle really is the right choice for you

The freedom lifestyle sounds so exotic but I also know this isn't for everyone so I'll share how you can determine if it is, before you buy the one way ticket

The income you'll need to do it without using your savings (You'll need less than you think!)

How to determine exactly how much you'll need (this will surprise you!) and the different ways you can create an income that doesn't require selfies or becoming an influencer.

Three things you should never do if you want to create the stress free lifestyle you want

Being location independent now for seven plus years I've learnt a thing or two about what you should never do and I want to share these three important things with you.


About Tegan Marshall

There's nothing special about me. I don't have any magical skills. I'm just an ordinary person who wanted to live her dream freedom lifestyle now rather than waiting until retirement.

I wanted to find an easier way to live where I worked less, stressed less and enjoyed life a whole lot more.

In the beginning I didn't think it was possible. After all I'm not twenty something any more and I like my creature comforts. But now seven years on I've proven it to be the best decision I've ever made and I want to share it with as many people as I can to show that there's a different way to live.

A life of freedom from stress, overwhelm, long work hours, and the mundane. A life where you don't need a vacation to escape from your current reality because it's just so darn good every day!

And a lifestyle where you can save more money than you ever have before (without going without anything).

Join me for this live interactive mini-workshop where you will walk away with the exact steps you need to take to make this your lifestyle.

September 7th
9:00 am AEST